Who Are They, The Old Master Artist?

Within history, you may find many things including excellence painter which is known as old master artist. There are some of them around Europe- and three of them you may find herein. Francisco Goya is one of them. In fact, he is not only known as the old master artist but as a modern artist. Perhaps, it is because he lives in the ending of old master period. However, something horrible happens on him. He comes back to Bordeaux in such bad condition in his 79s. He is old and alone. Fortunately, one of his friends manages to help him to stay in Madrid, but he dies soon before he leaves Bordeaux.

In his life as one of the greatest painters on earth, he produces many recognized artworks and some of them which are noted as his masterpieces are The Colossus and The Second of May, 1808. The next old master which is popular for his religious theme is Diego Velazquez. But soon, he changes his styles with something more complex and realistic. Somehow, he manages to create kind of artwork that is known for its controversy during his era. Talking about his artwork, here are some or many artworks he creates, they are Portrait of Pope Innocent X and The Spinners.

Even though, he is quite popular in his era during his live, but yeah just like another greatest artist story, he and his artworks gain more popularity after his death. The last old master artist is Peter Paul Rubens. From many old master artists he is quite unique. Since, he is not only known as a fine artist in his era with kind of fascinating artworks like Lion Hunt, Peace and War and many more, but he is also known as a fine negotiator and artwork collector. This circumstance leads him to be one of the most recognized artists in the history of Flemish.

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