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Top Paying Medical Marijuana Occupations

The marijuana business in the United States experienced a rise since the first few states started to legalize the sales of marijuana both for recreational and medical purposes. According to investigation that has been done, in the United States the medical marijuana market is about 31.4 billion dollars. There are about 200,000 full-time and part-time positions in the marijuana industry, hence, all these money is not meant for the selected few. Nonetheless, some jobs in the marijuana industry earn high salaries and come along with remarkable profits. Following are crucial top paid job positions in the industry of medical marijuana though you can discover more in various author’s websites.

A technician of cannabis extraction is among the best-paid position in the medical marijuana industry. Generally, the already done research shows that a cannabis extraction technician is paid a salary of 75,000 dollars to 125,000 dollars per annum. Several states forbid patients from using marijuana edibles or flowers and the need for a cannabis extraction technician come in. The cannabis extraction technicians use various ways to render form other forms of marijuana like hemp oil or wax to comply with the laws of the state.

Another job in the medical marijuana industry that pays high salaries is the growing experts. Another occupation you can get in medical marijuana is consultancy. By having a passion in sales, you might consider taking a cannabis expert position. In one year people doing this job can make more than $100,000, and they can make their plans as well.

Prospective growers, as well as growers, learn how to run a marijuana business form a cannabis consultant. They provide several areas of skills from what the local laws apply to their business and how to pick which marijuana strains to carry. Because of a massive influx of aspiring marijuana entrepreneurs, this kind of a consultant is in high demand.

CEO of a marijuana dispensary as well or a dispensary executive is also a job you can have. The highest aid job of medical marijuana is a CEO of a clinic. They come first by making an income of not less than 5,000 annually. On top of the hefty paycheck, you can also run your dispensary. When choosing your inventory you can also test all the potential outcomes. Anyone who enjoys running and managing a high traffic retail type store, this is the best career for you. There is a radical change taking place in the world of cannabis. States are turning mainly green even though the federal government has not legalized it.

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