3 Modern Artists and the Story Behind

What do you feel when looking at a painting? Happy, moved, or you cannot express your feelings by words? Yes, it is the essence of painting. Only by the play of colors and images, this could be churning out the people’s feelings. Paintings and photographs are two different things. There are exclusive artistic values and beauty behind a painting. Therefore, let know more in the modern artist who has created many meaningful paintings. The first is Paul Cezanne. He is known as post-impressionism artist. What is the post-impressionism? It is an advanced of the impressionism style. The results of post-impressionism painting are highly dependent on the environmental conditions and weather.

In addition, the works of Cezanne often show the beauty of design and color composition. Besides, he is also very good at in emphasizing the character through the sensitive and exploratory the touch of brush. He is able to describe the abstractions and complexity of nature in detail. It is associated with human visual perception. The second is Gustav Klimt. His name is quite well known as one of the members of the Vienna Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau is a stream that emerged as a reaction to the rebellion of industrialization. It assumes that the machine can wear properties of humanity. Additionally, this stream assumes that machines and technology has taken over and dominate the human life.

Since Art Nouveau is a form of protest and satire, it has a very deep meaning emotionally. Lay people will even realize that this is a form of criticism on modernization. The third is Marc Chagall. He raises the hierarchical and organized modernism stream. In addition, his works are always logical and rational. He has the Jewish and Russian blood. It is very influential in his works and career. He died at the age of 98 as one of the influential modern painters in the art world.

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